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RATES for FALL 2016 - SPRING 2017
To Register - Mail Registration Form with Payment to:
Brandi Rae's School of Dance, 116 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701
Make Checks Payable to: Brandi Rae Lochiatto
There are Two, 15-Week Sessions, totaling 30 classes a year.
Payment for Session I (September - January) is due by September 1, 2016.
Payment for Session II (January - June) is due by January 1, 2017.
If Full Payment is not received by Session Due Dates, you will automatically be put on a Payment Plan.
Any outstanding balances from Session I must be paid in full Prior to participation in Session II.
Any outstanding balances from Session II must be paid in full Prior to participation in the Recital.
This Non-Refundable Registration Fee is due at time of registration and cannot be prorated regardless of sign up date. This is an annual fee and no sibling discounts apply.
PAYMENT PLANS: If Full Payment is not received with the Registration Form by Session Due Dates, you will automatically be put on a Payment Plan. This plan includes a $10.00 FEE PER MONTH which is automatically added to each additional invoice billed monthly until the balance is paid in full.
FAMILY DISCOUNT: 10% off the lesser Total Class Rate of each additional immediate family member living in the same household. Discounts do not apply to Registration Fees. Discounts do not apply to extended family members. Each student must fill out a seperate Registration Form. Discount should be noted on the Form with the lesser total amount.
The RATES below reflect the amount due Per Session and are determined by the Total Amount of Hours Per Week / Per Student. Rates are Subject to Change.
We accept Cash, Checks & Credit Card Payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).
EXAMPLE: A student taking (1hr class) + (45 min class) = (1hr and 45min) which translates into 1.75 hrs Per Week . Discounted Cash or Check Rate is $427 Per Session and Credit Card Tuition Rate is $448 Per Session.
Per Week/
Per Student
CASH & CHECK Discounted Rates Per Session
Session I due September 1
Session II due January 1

CREDIT CARD Tuition Rates Per Session
Session I due September 1
Session II due January 1
A $30 Deposit for Each Costume is due by November 1, 2016.
The Balance for Each Costume is due by February 1, 2017.

Costumes fees are non-refundable and generally cost ~$45-$65 each.
Students who drop class after a deposit has been made are still responsible for paying the costume balance.
RECITAL: There is an Annual Recital which is typically held End of May or Early June and the date will be confirmed in the Fall and posted on our CALENDAR PAGE. Participation is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Students participating in the Recital must purchase a costume for each class that they are performing with. Note that the Recital may include ONE show or TWO seperate shows on the same day (afternoon and/or evening times) and that some students will be Required to participate in BOTH shows. We do our best to put siblings as well as students who are in multiple classes in the same show, but CANNOT guarantee this and scheduling won't be determined until Spring. Therefore, tickets may need to be purchased for both shows if your child is in both shows. Participation in the Recital cannot be guaranteed for students who were not enrolled in both Sessions I & II and/or have an excessive amount of unexcused absences. Upon Director's approval, private lessons may be arranged and scheduled according to teacher availability, but still cannot guarantee participation in recital. All students who choose to participate in the Recital are REQUIRED to attend the Dress Rehearsal. Dates will be confirmed in the Fall and are posted on our Calendar.
REFUNDS: Registration Fees are Non-Refundable. Class Tuition Payments are Non-Refundable. NO deductions, pro-rating or refunds for student absences, late enrollment in any class or for students dropping classes for any reason including illness or injuries. Tuition Payments cannot be transferred to another person. Refunds will be given for Cancelled Classes ONLY if another class cannot be provided. IF available and appropriate, Make-up classes for absences may be scheduled within 1 Month of the Absence. Perfect Attendance Certificates are handed out at the end of the school year for those who have perfect attendance.
INDIVIDUAL TEACHER CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Our schedule allows for extra weeks in the school year calendar for teacher cancellations if need be and make-up classes will not be needed unless they excede the allotted weeks. We may provide a Substitue Teacher at our discretion and without notice. We will notify all by email regarding any cancellations. If make-up classes are necessary, we may scheule them at our discrection and may use originally scheduled holidays if need be. Those who cannot attend a scheduled make-up class will have the option to attend any other appropriate class at their convenience. No refunds for re-scheduled classes. Refunds will be given only if a make-up class has not been provided.
RETURNED CHECKS: Service Charge of $20 per returned check.
SNOW CANCELLATION POLICY: ONE Cancellation Per Session is allotted due to snow or other inclement weather and will not require a make-up. Any additional weather related cancellations will be made up. If the Framingham Public Schools cancel school for reasons such as snow or other inclement weather, the dance school will also cancel all classes that start before 3:00 PM. Classes starting after 3:00 PM will most likely be cancelled, but be sure to call the studio for confirmation because there is a possibility that classes may be held. Saturday and Sunday classes must call the studio to check for cancellations. Call 508-875-2723 to check for cancellations which will be noted on the outgoing voicemail as need. We will also send a cancellation email.
STUDENT ENROLLMENT: Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year, however, limitations may apply.
With director and teacher approval, students may join level-appropriate classes if there are openings.
Class size is limited, therefore early registration is recommended and placement cannot be guaranteed.
CLASS PLACEMENT: It is most important that students be placed in a class with a level that is most suitable for them (age is secondary to level). Please respect teacher recommendations and understand that appropriate placement greatly benefits the student and is in their best interest.
DRESS CODE: Dress code is beneficial to the dance student.
If the instructor cannot see the dancer, then the instructor cannot properly and safely train the dancer.
If you are unclear regarding dress code, please contact us prior to purchasing dance clothing and shoes!
-ALMOST THREE!, CREATIVE MOVEMENT & PRE-BALLET......leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, ballet skirt optional
-COMBO CLASSES: BALLET/TAP/JAZZ .....leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers (can be worn for jazz) and tan tap shoes if tap is included in the combo class, ballet skirt optional
-BALLET & LYRICAL............leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, ballet skirt optional
-TAP...................................leotard, tan or pink tights, tan tap shoes
(Teens Only! - tan tap shoes with small heels and may wear black jazz pants)
-JAZZ..................................leotard, tan tights or black fitted jazz pants, tan jazz shoes
-JAZZ/HIP HOP (Under Age 10).. leotard, tan tights or black fitted jazz pants and tan jazz shoes. No dance sneakers.
-HIP HOP............................jazz attire or fitted workout clothes, black dance sneakers
-MODERN & CONTEMPORARY..........leotard, black jazz pants or footless tights, bare feet or foot undeez.
-ADULTS.............................dress code is more flexible but still recommended and proper shoes are required
-BOYS ...............................fitted t-shirt, black dance pants or running pants, black shoes (shoe style determined by class)
HAIR FOR ALL CLASSES: Hair must be firmly secured away from face and up off neck. Ballet students are required to have hair in a bun.
NO Jewelry, Street Clothes, Sweat Shirts/Pants, Shorts, Pajama Bottoms, T-Shirts, and no Gum Chewing!
Dance sweaters, tight fitting warm-up clothes and leg warmers are acceptable.