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Children's & Adult Dance Classes in Framingham, Massachusetts

Brandi Rae's School of Dance in Framingham, Massachusetts, offers children's and adult dance classes for beginners and experts alike.

Ballet, Children's Dance Classes in Framingham, MA
Jazz Dancer, Children's Dance Classes in Framingham, MA
Hip-Hop, Children's Dance Classes in Framingham, MA

Pre-Ballet/Tap (4–5) 
This is a more structured introduction to formal dance class, including positions of feet and arms, simple barre and floor study, basic terminology, and memorization exercises. 

Ballet/Tap (Ages 5–7) 
A continuation of the above with stronger emphasis on proper execution of all movements and memorization of terminology and combinations.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo (Multiple Age Groupings)
Combo classes combine 3 different styles of dance in 1 class to introduce students to the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz dance. We offer this class not only for the young dancer, but for older age groups as well.

The study of ballet includes classical barre technique, center, and traveling floor studies and various stylized combinations. Proper body placement, technique, coordination, grace, balance, flexibility, strength, and musicality are all emphasized. Students will progress (age and level appropriate) to more advanced barre, adagio, allegro, leaps, and turns. Proper French terminology is taught.

The study of pointe should be undertaken only after the student has attained solid ballet technique, has a correctly placed body, the necessary physical attributes, and a strong mental discipline.

Tap classes include barre and/or center floor techniques and development of different rhythms. Combinations and routines in traditional and stylized forms are studied. The advanced students work on more challenging rhythms, clarity of sounds, and increase in tempos.

Jazz classes include warm-ups, stretching, isolations, coordination studies, extensions, jumps, turns and leaps. Various styles of jazz combinations and routines are studied.

This class concentrates on becoming aware of the body in space with an exploration of levels, dynamics, traveling patterns, combinations, floor work, self-expression, and improvisation. Technique, flexibility, and strength are emphasized.

Hip-hop starts with a center warm up, floor stretch, and strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of moves and routines. This is a fun, upbeat class for those who want to dance and move, but who do not want to focus on technique.

Like its name suggests, lyrical is a graceful yet powerful and emotional expression of dance. This class may incorporate ballet, jazz, and modern techniques.

Contemporary Dance (New!)
This dance style emerged throughout the 20th century, encompassing many styles of classical dance including ballet, modern, and jazz. Contemporary dance focuses less on the classical technique of dance and more on the emotion of the dancer. 

Recently, it has been made mainstream through the popular TV show "So You Think You Can Dance." Focus of the class will be on choreography and improvisation, concentrating on balance, floor work, falling, fluidity, and the form of the body. 

Popular music that invokes emotion will be used in class. Since core dance technique will not be taught, students should already have a solid foundation in ballet, modern, or jazz.

Stretch/Strengthen/Relax (Teen/Adults)
This class will help increase flexibility, focus, and stamina through gently stretching, balancing, and strengthening activities, and will explore relaxation techniques.

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